Winglets Universal Carbon-Racing



The downforce generated by the wings varies with the square of the speed. This means that the effect is greater as greater is the speed. However, the load towards ground is already perceptible at relatively low speeds (100kmh).

Turning: the tendency of the bike to “turn” (and therefore to follow the ideal trajectory) depends even on the grip of the front wheel. The downforce increases the load towards the asphalt and, consequently, the tendency of the front wheel to remain on the ideal line

Stability: the wings generate a stabilizing action, especially in the fast corners where the front end of the bike does not have a good support. Moreover, in all situations where the bike shakes, the wings generate a contrasting action, keeping the bike steadier.

Static load: the wings help in riding in all situations where the front tire load is not enough. All the curves in which you enter without using the brakes, are a typical example in which the wings provide more grip and better rideability. A classic example are the curves in rapid sequence, where between one and the other one, you”pinche” the front brake only to recall the motion towards the inner curb.

Acceleration: In this phase, the bike naturally tends to widen the trajectory. This phenomenon is automatically (and unconsciously) compensated by the rider’s action on the steering wheel. However, in such a phase, the front wheel load is very low and the rider falls into understeer phenomenon. Through the wings it is possible to increase the adhesion of the front tire and reduce the understeer.

Wheelie: one of the limits in the acceleration phase, especially when coming out of the slow corners, is the wheelie. The wings move forward this limit, allowing (on average) a greater acceleration.

Setup: having more load on the front wheel (generated by the winglets), you can use a different setup, that favor the rear grip. For example, you can rotate the bike on the rear (to increase traction) without suffering about poor grip on the front (because there will be wings to compensate).


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